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Burlesque Is A Fairy Tale For Adults

"Exposing is not an point in itself. It's about how you do it - it's the journey, not the destination that counts. Besides, you're never really naked," explains colleague Miss Chrissy Kiss. For example, you never see nipples in a burlesque show. They are covered by nipple covers called tassels or pasties. The first is with a burlesque tassel - like a little winter hat for the nipples - the second is without. They always cover the dancers' breasts. "Well, nein, never," assures Foxy Suzy that she can't see a completely bare breast when performing. "If you see nipples at the show, then an accident has happened. The glue came loose or something," he is convincing.

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BURLESKITARID: (vasakult) Affinity Starr, Miss Chrissy Kiss ja Foxy Suzy. Foto: Martin Ahven

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