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Night TV | Grete Lõbu brought live burlesque to the studio

Grete Lõbu filled the air of "Öö-TV" with feathers and sequins and hosted a burlesque guitar in her half-hour program and discussed with photographer Toomas Volkmann about the limits of decency related to nudity.

Burlesque artist Affinity Starr explained that burlesque isn't about getting your clothes off as quickly as possible. "The idea is to make it as entertaining as possible and to stretch it as long as possible, or tease." He thinks that without burlesque, life would be terribly boring and monotonous.

"Burlesque and striptease have a lot to do with each other, but telling the story of how or why we take something off is the charm of burlesque," explained burlesque performer Miss Chrissy Kiss.

Miss Chrissy Kiss explained that undressing is just another way to play characters. "The thing we both have in common is that, in addition to glamor and tease, there should also be a touch of humor. Affinity Starr said that the reason you don't see absolute nudity in burlesque is simply because when burlesque was born, you weren't allowed to be completely naked on stage. "Certain states in America are still not allowed." He added that this is why the burlesque girls thought about how they could get around the law. That's why things like tassels still exist today.

"The reason why we wear them today is simply a tribute to the culture left over from that time. Besides, it's also just a lot of fun," said Miss Chrissy Kiss.

Grete Lõbu also aired a real burlesque show ons "Öö-TV" and talked to photographer Toomas Volkmann about where the line between decency, beauty and eroticism.


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