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What makes a good pastie base?

When it comes to creating tassels for twirling, a good pastie base is an essential. But what makes a good pastie base?

Burlesque tassel pastie bases blog post for Naked but Decorated
Let's talk about the important bits
  1. Spinner matters! If you want to tassel-twirl, then you need to have spinners in your pastie bases. A spinner is the mechanism that allows the tassel to rotate endlessly without the tassel cord twisting in on itself. It makes a world of difference in how much effort you have to put in to get the tassels going and keep them going for a long time. The spinner also helps to build distance between your body and the tassel, which helps to keep the tassels away from rhinestones or other decorations covering the base. How to test if your pasties spinner is good?

  2. The inside needs to be smooth If the inside is rough or very textured and then you will have problems with using tape as well as glue. Tape problems will be adhesion If the surface is not smooth then tape can not achieve maximum contact and there will be air pockets between tape and the pastie increasing the chances of pasties falling off. Glue problem will be hygiene glue will go into those air pockets and you'll have very hard time cleaning your pasties. What's a good inside material? Basically anything that is skin safe and smooth. Makers use very different combinations of materials and finishing's deepening on their style. Some of the most popular options are: (faux) leather, eva foam, craft felt, etc.

  3. Durability is key You'll be removing and re-applying tape/glue again and again so the base needs to be strong to survive such stress.


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