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Performer Name: Miss Chrissy Kiss

From: Estonia
Currently living in: the Netherlands
Been perform
ing: since 2011

Languages: Estonian, English




Miss Chrissy Kiss is an international burlesque performer, teacher, and producer from Estonia, now living in the Netherlands. Miss Kiss was one of the very first burlesque performers in the Baltics, a pioneering performer who brings a combination of old Hollywood razzle-dazzle and a dark sense of sensuous mystery. The curvy, bold, and glamorous vision to keep dashing through your mind. ​


It all began when Miss Kiss discovered the thrilling possibilities inherent in burlesque. She fell in love with the art, and started working towards becoming a performer. Her debut was in autumn 2011, on her 18th birthday, with a duet choreographed by Lady Daisy, performing alongside a Malvina Rose. 


Her very first solo act came to life the following summer, and her first workshop passing the art onto students in 2013. Between then and 2017, teaching was a major part of Miss Kiss’s work, and she still conducts regular burlesque workshops.


In 2014 she made her first international appearance and has been performing all over Europe ever since, in festivals and private events alike.


Miss Kiss began producing her very first burlesque show in 2014 alongside Affinity Starr - the Sticky Nipples Revue - an event which became the Baltics’ biggest and most successful burlesque night. Her productions also included the monthly Heldeke! Burlesk Show in Tallinn for three years till her move to Netherlands. Working with a wide selection of international and local burlesque performers with different backgrounds, stories, ages, body types and performing styles, she aims to broaden the understanding of what burlesque is and build an inclusive, fun and wholesome burlesque experience. 

Burlesque is about celebrating fantasies, bodies and stories in all shapes and forms.


Where to see Miss Kiss perform? 

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