Miss Kiss teaches different workshops: most suitable for hen parties (fun, easygoing, sensual), and some directed for performers (detail-oriented, personal, constructive).

The content and level of all workshops are adjusted according to your needs/capabilities. 


The workshops can be held in Estonian or in English. 


Bookings: misschrissykiss@gmail.com



Learn the basics of seducing with a feather boa - tease and reveal, handful of tricks and variatinos + a cheeky coreography to put it all in use.

You'll learn how to strip, tease, and please with one of the most beloved vintage burlesque prop - the stockings. This class is most suitable for hen parties, girls' nights or if you would like to make your own show for a special someone.

(1,5 h)

In this class you'll learn a short choreography of teasing and stripping with a robe and plenty of tips how to do a seductive dance at home to someone special.

(1,5 h)

An active and fun class where you'll learn all the basics of assel. You'll learn 13 different styles of twirling, a short choreography to put those moves to use and we'll also talk about what to keep in mind when buying or making assels.


Chirssy has been teaching burlesque workshops since 2013. 

She started her burly-career as one of the very first burlesque students in Tallinn 2011 spring. She has also learned different forms, techniques, and styles of burlesque from countless workshops taught by other international professional performers: Indigo Blue (USA), Dirty Martiny (USA), Ray Gunn (USA), Betty Q (PL), Betty Blackheart (FIN), Johnny Porkpie (USA), Tigger! (USA), Vicky Butterfly (UK), Michelle L'Mour (USA), Cleo Viper (IT), Jett Adore (USA), Jo Boobs Weldon (USA), Amber Ray (USA), Natsumi Scarlett (NL), etc.

The way of her teachings is to introduce and/or expand burlesque knowledge to all in a fun and memorable way.