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Burlesque workshops are a great way to encourage people to express themselves and to feel self-confident. For a decade, Chrissy has been teaching burlesque classes, workshops for parties, as well as coaching performers. 

Chrissy’s workshops focus on expanding burlesque knowledge in a fun, safe, and memorable way


The content and level of all workshops can be adjusted according to the needs and capabilities of those taking them. 

The workshops can be held in English or Estonian. 




When you’re about to tie the knot, a workshop on how to playfully untie the knot might be just the thing…


Beginner classes for hen parties are suitable for everyone, with no previous experience in burlesque needed. This is perfect for beginners and girls’ nights out. The goal of these classes is to create a fun, easy going, safe, and memorable experience. 

Learn the basics of burlesque teasing, hiding and revealing with a feather boa. In this class you will learn a handful of tricks and variations, in order to move with the boa, with a short, sultry, femme-fatale choreography to put all the feathery techniques to use.


What to bring & wear: Please wear clothes that allow movement - gym clothing, a bodysuit, or a short dress would work perfectly. Participants need to bring their own feather boa, or a scarf that is at least 1.8 m long.

Duration: 90 min

Classical burlesque is the art of leaving just enough to the imagination. How, then, can we take off our stockings in a more entertaining way than we do when ambling in at the end of a long work day? 


This class passes on Chrissy’s knowledge about how to bring slow stripping into your daily repertoire. It’s not all serious though - you’ll also learn a few frivolous moves. You will learn burlesque basics while learning several techniques how to peel stocking and a short choreography to combine the moves.


What to bring & wear: Please wear clothes that allow movement and are not covering your thighs - something like shorts and a top, a bodysuit, or a short dress works just fine. Participants need to bring their own nylon stockings (fishnets or socks won’t work).

Duration: 90 min

Silly, sexy and a whole lot of fun. In this class you will learn how to choose pasties/tassels for your body type, how to attach the tassels to your chest the correct way, and how to twirl them in many fun ways. All chest sizes are welcome - it ain’t what you work with, but the way you work it! 


Please note that for the full experience you are required to be topless, in order to attach and spin the tassels. 


What to bring & wear: Please wear clothes that allow movement and reveal your top half - something like leggings, shorts, or a skirt. The tassels will be provided by Chrissy.


Duration: 60 min


Performer level classes are focused towards stage work and performing, so we dive into more specific techniques. The "performer level" does not require tons of stage experience, all new performers are very welcome, it's just the difference in the state of mind in the class. Skill developing is the goal of these classes.

Nobody likes a dry act, so how do you spice it up? How to make your small moves zingy and your big moves look grand? In this workshop we will work through a toolset to first explore and analyze different sized moves and how they carry emotion and finish the workshop with a small combo to see how our toolset has changed the outcome. 

What to bring & wear: Please wear clothes that allow movement, a pen and potentially a notebook. Shoes are optional.

Duration: 120 min

Advanced class for boa moves. So you already know the classical tease, reveal and floss moves, but what about actual tricks? In this class we will work with several tosses, twirl, wrap and manipulations to move the feather snake.

What to bring & wear: Please bring a boa that is at least 2,5 m long. The usual 1,5 m is going to be too short. Easy fix is to buy two cheap boas and sew them together from one end. Wear clothes that allow movement and are snug around your body such as leggings + top. Shoes are optional.

Duration: 90 min


Your face is your money maker. It doesn't matter if you are a glamorous showgirl or a comedy queen, the connection with the audience is what will make them remember you. In this class, we will use different tools to build emotion through the face and body and work on that eye contact that reaches the back rows as well.

This class is not burlesque specific. The techniques can be used for any type of performance.

What to bring & wear:

  • Wear clothes that allow movement as well as keep you warm.

  • A pen.

  • A notebook.

  • Footwear to your liking, socks, heels, and sneakers are equally welcome.

Duration: 2 h


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