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Personal Coaching Class

Personal Coaching Class

PriceFrom 50,00€

Private class with Miss Chrissy Kiss online or in person to get your burlesque persona blooming. 


    Want to learn burlesque techniques? Need help developing an act? IIn a private coaching session, Miss Chrissy Kiss can give you her undivided attention and together you can develop tailored solutions to boost your confidence, creativity and skill set.


    60 min is best for:

    • act development

    • tassel twirling class

    • costume assistance


    90 min class is best for: 

    • in depth boa/fan/stocking/movement technique coaching


    If you would like recurring coaching, then get in touch


    SUITABLE FOR: everyone. All levels, genders, ages and backgrounds are welcome. No previous burlesque experience necessary. 




    After purchasing the class, you will receive an automated confirmation email. We will contact you via email within 1-3 working days to discuss a suitable time, location, and what you would like to work on in the class.



    This depends on how you would like to take the class. You have 3 options:

    • online

    • the instructor books a studio*

    •  you provide a studio*


    Because an online class does not require a meeting space, there is no additional cost.

    In-person classes require the use of a studio*.

    The instructor can book a suitable space for you for 20 €/h.

    If you have access to a dance studio* or would like book one yourself then you can choose "Your Own Studio*".


    *Requirements: private floor length mirrored studio with minimum 3x5 m of clean floorspace + audio system. 



    travel fee is not necessary for online classes, classes based in Utrecht or if the instructor is already in your corresponding town. Otherwise travel fee will be added depending on the location.


Questions? Get in touch:

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