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Adhesives for Tasseling: Glue vs. Tape

You can use pastie tape or prosthetic glue depending on what you prefer. Both options are very popular.

I've been using various types of tape for more than 10 years, and I've seen it all. Not all tapes are created equal, but when you find one that suits you, it's best to stick with it. The tape I am using is the one that I have exclusively worked with for the past two years in all my shows, and it has survived without a single pastie pop.

Although this tape works well for most people, it's important to remember that not all bodies are the same. You may need a different type of tape that suits you better. It's always important to be using skin-safe options, such as body or wig tape, and leave mirror tape for mirrors.

If you're still struggling to keep your pasties in place, you may want to consider upgrading to Spirit Gum (also known as Mastix). It is a popular glue for hair, beards, mustaches, latex and wigs. Contains a high percentage of natural mastic. The most popular brand is Kryolan, but other latex-based adhesives work as well.

Here's a quick comparison:



How to use



  • fast

  • easy

  • no mess

  • no risk of spillage

  • instantly ready to adhere

  • Not the best option to sweat prone people.

  • Hold is not as strong as glue.

Cover the back of the pastie with tape stips. Before removing the other side, massage the tape into the backing, to get maxim surface adhesion. Now peel off the protective layer and adhere to skin.

Do not touch the tape with your fingers after removing the protective layer. It will lose its stickiness.

If you need to reposition the pastie, you need to re-apply a new layer of tape.


  • super stong hold

  • works also great for asseling

  • messy

  • takes long time to dry

  • If the glue is not fully dry, then can pasties won't hold.

Apply the glue on to the backs of the pasties and let is sit for a few minutes so it becomes tacky. Apply to skin.

Don't apply the pastie too soon. If the glue is not tacky enough, then

How do tassels stay on?

Removal: When you want to remove the pasties, take them off gently. Peel them away from your skin slowly, starting from the edges. Do not rip or tear them off, as this can cause discomfort or damage your skin. If you are having trouble removing them, use warm water or oil to help loosen the adhesive.


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