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Pastie placement tutorial

Nipple tassel placement tutorial for beginners
So you're saying I can create optical illusions with my nipples?

Step 1: Clean and the area around your nipples Before applying pasties, you need to ensure that your skin is really clean and dry. Alcohol wipes are a fast and easy way to remove any remaining body oils. Do not use any moisturizers or body makeup on the same day in that area.

Step 2: Apply adhesive of your choice You can use pastie tape or prosthetic glue depending on what you prefer. Can't choose? Here's more about adhesives.

Step 3: Placement options Use a mirror to help you decide where and how you'd like to place your pasties. The goal is to cover the nipple as much as possible but if needed you can adjust the placement so

Step 4: Apply. Apply the first pastie to your chosen location. and press them firmly onto your skin. Ensure that the pasties are centered on your nipples and cover them completely. If the pasties have adhesive on both sides, stick them together first before applying.

Removal: Remove the pasties When you want to remove the pasties, take them off gently. Peel them away from your skin slowly, starting from the edges. Do not rip or tear them off, as this can cause discomfort or damage your skin. If you are having trouble removing them, use warm water or oil to help loosen the adhesive.


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